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How Can I Sell
Blue Rhino?

We are always looking to have great retail partners on board as we continue to grow our great brand!

How to Sell Blue Rhino

We are excited about your interest in our program. As the leader in propane tank exchange in Louisiana and Mississippi, we are always looking to have great retail partners on board as we continue to grow our great brand. There are a few steps listed below that will put you on your way to that partnership.

1.) Click here and complete a brief questionnaire. A Blue Rhino representative will contact you about your interest.

2.) Email, mail, or fax a copy of the location's state sales tax exemption form to Salathe Gas.

3.) For locations in LA, complete the LA LP Gas Commission Permit Application (scroll over and click to download PDF)

4.) For locations in LA, send a check made payable to the "LA LP Gas Commission" for $125.00 to Salathe Gas.

***Regulations for Propane Tank Exchange (NFPA 58)***

Under NFPA 58-1995 Edition:

-All curbs or curb stops used as crash protection shall be at least 5 feet from the cage, 5 inches high and staked into the ground.

-All posts, if used as crash protection, shall be metal at least 2 inches in diameter, 20 inches above ground level, at least 2 feet from the cage and no more than 4 feet apart.

-All ignition sources, including any appliances, or the cabinets of appliances, such as coke or ice machines, water coolers, electric dispensing machines etc, shall be at least 5 feet from the cage. This also includes overhead lighting, outlets, or anything that has electricity going to it. Wires within 5 feet of a cage must be inside conduit.

-Cages shall be at least 5 feet from points of public gathering such as pay phones, benches, smoking areas, and break areas.

-Once Salathe Gas places a display cage, the retailer is NOT ALLOWED to move or relocate cage under any circumstances. If a retailer wishes to have a display cage relocated, they must contact Salathe Gas about having it moved.

-Once a display cage is installed, nothing electrical can be placed or installed within 5 feet of the cage. This includes anything electrical, such as a coke or ice machine, movie rental machine or outlets.

Blue Rhino Rebates

Blue Rhino Rebate - Salathe Oil

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